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AKSU Treatment Domestic wastewater treatment plant, perform a turnkey installation and commissioning, watering the garden with treated water and / or further refinement achieves by applying water. The water recovery is achieved.

AKSU Treatment For domestic waste water treatment (SU-AKSU) package with the brand, and establishes concrete plants. 25-2500 people who issue the equivalent of domestic and industrial waste water are used everywhere organic quality.

Package Plants (AKSU-P) has been designed according to engineering calculations, founded on the move in a non-issue, and aesthetic structures. Facility size are produced by the 3-5mm ST 37 steel surfaces one coat of primer after sandblasting, paint a coat of epoxy mastic and painted with two coats as a coloring. Even at low and high flow rates allows the effluent standards.

Concrete Plants (AKSU-B) in the presence of problems or existing septic tanks are built underground (in the above can also be made upon request). Board is given the chance to intervene and lids kept above ground.

AKSU-P and AKSU-B infrastructure, and waste disposal problem, biological treatment can be used with all business units and facilities. The activated sludge system, wastewater is purified biologically. According to the pollution load of the unit once a year sewage truck withdraw excess sludge or a composite, a very productive green space can be used as fertilizer. Seasonal increments ranging from low-and high-capacity flow rates can be run as the control panel. The Advantages of the treatment units AKSU automatic operation, low operating cost, odorless operation, minimum maintenance, high efficiency can be said.

Arıtma KabiniAKSU Treatment;
* Waste Water Treatment Plant to arrive on the condition of domestic waste water effluent discharge standards of the receiving environment, Environmental Law, Water Pollution Control Regulation AKSU treatment would be appropriate guarantees.

* Otherwise, the process to ensure that these standards AKSU Treatment is committed to making the necessary arrangements for free.

* Treatment Plant, all the equipment to be used * 1 (one) year period covered by our warranty.

* All materials and equipment used in the treatment plant shall be in accordance with TSE standards.

* There is a one-year service and maintenance warranty. Maintenance contracts and periodic maintenance is provided to subsequent years.